Alesonor starts the construction works for the first villas of the complete suburb Amber Forest – January 27th, 2022

Author January 27, 2022April 25th, 2023

Alesonor, the developer of the first complete suburb – Amber Forest, announces the start of the construction works for the first villas to be built in the first stage of the project.

The first villas are built with the construction company Britt Structures, a long-term partner of Alesonor, which also has experience in building the Amber Gardens complex, that remains up to now the only project of luxury green villas in Romania, certified “Green Home” by RoGBC.

“As in the case of Amber Gardens, which is still the only residential complex in Romania with luxury green homes, the Amber Forest homes will be built at a high standard of quality and applying the best energy standards in the world. We are striving to achieve both a high level of performance, energy efficiency and substantial savings in energy costs – so important today, as well as quality, health and comfort, as additional benefits compared to the standard homes on the market.

Furthermore, Amber Forest homes, both villas and apartments, will have high quality finishes will be much more comfortable, less expensive, will provide a base for a healthier lifestyle and offer privacy and security, just like the Amber Gardens villas. We managed this performance at Amber Gardens with our partner Britt Structures, and so we are happy to start the construction works at Amber Forest with a reliable partner, who already knows the high goals we are pursuing and is aligned with our vision. We are in advanced discussions with other builders to join the project.”,
said Alex Skouras, Managing Partner Alesonor.

The building permits for the first stage of Phase I of the Amber Forest suburb were obtained in December 2021.

The building permit involves a complex set of other approvals, with over 20 offices and authorities being involved in obtaining these approvals. This process is repeated for each tranche of villas in each phase of the project, the Alesonor teams already working in parallel on the necessary documentation to obtain the permits and authorizations of the other villas in the other phases.

We appreciate and thank the authorities who took the time to evaluate and verify the complex documentation of our project. We understand that this is the first time that a complete suburb is being built in Romania, a project of such magnitude and commitment to sustainability, environment, construction quality and attention to detail. We also thank the Amber Forest customers, for entrusting us with their dream of living in a community that shares the same values. We are glad that together, Alesonor, the authorities, partners and suppliers, and the families that will form the community, have the same goal: to make Amber Forest an exemplary sustainable project. ”, said Alex Skouras, Managing Partner Alesonor.

Amber Forest suburb offers over 20 types of villas starting with 2 bedrooms and also 14 types of apartments starting with 2 rooms, in low Gf + 2F + 3R buildings responding to multiple needs and preferences. The price for the 2 bedroom green villas available starts at 194,000 euros plus VAT. The price of green 2-room apartments starts at 99,000 plus VAT. More than 300 Amber Forest green homes have already been sold.

The investment in the first green suburb in Romania is estimated at 110 million euros, of which approx. 42 million are allocated to the first phase of development.

The first green suburb in Romania, Amber Forest, includes over 500 green villas and 200 green apartments, developed on 31 hectares, with only 15% of the built area, with the lowest land use coefficient.

The suburb will have complete and high-quality infrastructure- 3 hectares reserved for school, kindergarten, afterschool and sport fields, 5.3 hectares for parks and green areas and also polyclinic, pharmacy, supermarket, restaurant and cafe, co-working space with conference rooms, bakery, market, running and bicycle tracks, as well as direct access to Băneasa forest, the largest forest around Bucharest.

Amber Forest homes are the first homes in Romania that meet the NZEB energy standard, imposed by the European Union since 2021. Being energy efficient buildings, and at the same time quality, sustainable constructions that integrate state-of-the-art technologies and smart homes, Amber Forest homes are accessible through the green mortgage which is specially designed by financial institutions to support the purchase of green, energy efficient villas and apartments.

About Alesonor, the project developer of Amber Gardens and Amber Forest suburb

For over 19 years, Alesonor has been investing in successful real estate projects, including commercial and industrial projects, but with the main objective of developing luxury residential projects and, at the same time, environmentally responsible, combining passion for design, quality and nature.

Alesonor has successfully developed and sold the following residential projects in Bucharest: Clover Residence, Magnolia Residence, Ivy Office Residence, Almond Tree Residence, Amber Gardens.

Amber Gardens is the first residential complex in Romania with luxury green villas, which are based on the principles of bioclimatic design and apply the best energy standards in the world. The Amber Gardens complex has established the Alesonor company as the most important residential villa developer in Romania, and, at the same time, as a promoter of green, energy efficient buildings. Alesonor is made up of a team of architects, engineers, builders, project managers, financial experts, market analysts, sales, marketing and PR specialists, involved for over three years in the design of the first green suburb in Romania.