Green Certification and Green Mortgage

Amber Forest is qualified to receive the “Green Home” Certification, awarded by Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC).

Energy efficient and built at a high-quality standards, Amber Forest homes are considered safe investments by the banking institutions, qualifying for a mortgage especially created for residential green projects – Green Mortgage.

Green homes offer substantial savings to the costs on energy and ensure quality, health and comfort as supplementary benefits by comparison to the standard homes available on the market. An independent certification offers to buyers a warranty regarding the way in which the house was built in order to reach these high sustainability standards.”, said Monica Ardeleanu, Executive Director, RoGBC.

Amber Forest financing

Amber Forest homes can be acquired by different financial opportunities: different instalments that we decide together based on your needs or/and Green Mortgage.

Should you require Green Mortgage, we connect you with third party financial consultants.

Types of homes

Amber Forest homes have a modern design with integrated intelligent technologies which allow significant savings on energy and maintenance costs. More than 20 types of green villas and apartments are designed to meet multiple preferences and needs of space and budget.

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Amber Forest complete community offers you the opportunity to have balanced relationships with family, friends & neighbors who share the same values ​​and with whom you can spend quality time on the social areas.

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Amber Forest Concept

Your home in the first green suburb in Romania is waiting for you. You are about to explore the most carefully planned & well-organized real estate project, with complete infrastructure & complete facilities.

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