General Data Processing Policy
of Magnet Developments S.A.


  1. Introduction

The policy applies to the use and processing of personal data collected and used by Magnet Developments S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “Operator”, “Company”, “Magnet” or “we”), part of the Alesonor group of companies.

The policy will apply whenever you provide personal data to the Company, i.e. when you interact with the Company’s representatives, when you participate in viewing a property, when you send us certain messages and/or emails or when you use the Company’s websites or the pages of within social media platforms, or when you want to buy a property.

Please go through this Policy and come back to it whenever you consider necessary and in the event that you have questions or uncertainties and/or wish to exercise your rights provided by Regulation (EU) 2016/679, please contact us contact at


  1. Categories of data, purposes and grounds of processing

For the data processing that takes place when you use the Company’s Website, please access the Website’s Privacy Policy.

Personal data is any information or combination of information that identifies or can lead to the identification of a person.

Magnet collects a range of information about you, information collected through several sources.

The categories of personal data processed by the Company, the purposes of the processing, the legal basis of this processing, the legitimate interests that the Company pursues, the recipients or categories of recipients, the possibility of transferring data outside the European Economic Area, are described and explained in the section specific to each type of processing, which can be accessed below.

  1. The rights you can exercise according to Regulation (EU) 679/2016

To exercise the rights listed below, with the exception of the right to file a complaint with the competent authority and/or go to court, you can send us an email at or fill out the form available in the contact section


Right of access to data

By exercising this right, you have the possibility to obtain from the Company confirmation or denial of the processing of your data and receive a copy of this data in the event of a confirmation of the processing.

In addition to (re)confirming the information detailed in this policy, you will also obtain a copy of the data where technically feasible.


The right to data rectification

By exercising this right, you have the possibility to request the Company to rectify inaccurate or expired personal data.


The right to be forgotten (deletion of data)

By exercising this right, you have the possibility to obtain from the Company the deletion of the personal data that we process about you.                                                                                                             

For the deletion operation, it is necessary that the following conditions are fulfilled: the personal data are no longer necessary to fulfil the purposes for which they were collected; you object to the processing necessary for the performance of a task that serves a public interest or that results from the exercise of the authority with which the Company was invested or the processing is based on a legitimate interest of the Company or of a third party and there is no legitimate reason that prevails in what regarding processing or you object to processing based on direct marketing, including the creation of profiles related to direct marketing; personal data were processed illegally; personal data must be deleted to comply with a legal obligation; or withdraw your consent where the processing was based on consent.

As an exception, personal data will not be deleted in the event of the right to free expression or if they were processed for informational purposes, to comply with a legal obligation, if they were processed for archiving purposes in the public, scientific interest or for historical studies or for statistical purposes.


The right to request restriction of processing

By exercising this right, you have the possibility to obtain from the Company the restriction of processing under the following conditions: if the processing is illegal, but you object to the deletion of the data and request us to restrict the processing of this data; for the entire period in which the Company checks whether its legitimate rights prevail in relation to your rights, in the situation where you have objected to the processing for reasons related to a particular situation in which you are or the Company no longer needs your data, but we you request them for establishing, defending or exercising a right in court; or in the event that you exercise your right of opposition, until the checks relating to this exercise are completed, the processing being restricted. 


The right to data portability

To the extent technically feasible, by exercising this right, you may request from the Company a copy of all data, in a structured, commonly used and automatically accessible format, which copy you can transfer to another similar operator or with a similar object of activity.


The right to opposition

Exercising this right gives you the opportunity to object at any time to a processing necessary for: the performance of a task that serves a public interest or that results from the authority with which the Company has been vested; a legitimate interest of the Company or a third party.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

In the event that you exercise this right, the Company will cease processing, unless there are legitimate and/or mandatory reasons justifying the processing, and these prevail over your interests, rights and freedoms or in the event that the purpose is representative of the finding, defending or exercising a right before the courts.

Additionally, you can always object to processing for direct marketing purposes, including profiling, if this profiling is related to processing for direct marketing.


The right to withdraw your consent at any time

In the event that the processing was carried out based on a consent that you gave to the Company, by exercising this right, you can withdraw it at any time without affecting the validity of the previous processing.


The right not to be subject to a decision based exclusively on automated processing, including the creation of profiles

This right gives you the possibility not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing that produces legal effects that concern or similarly affect you to a significant extent, including profiling.                                                                                                                                                          

This principle is not applicable when: the processing is necessary for the conclusion of a contract between you and the data controller; the processing is authorized by EU law or domestic law; processing is based on your consent.

In such situations, you may exercise your right to obtain human intervention from the Company, except where the processing is authorized by EU or domestic law.


The right to file a complaint with the relevant authority or before the courts

In the event that you are not satisfied with any response from the Company and/or with the practices described in the information policies, you can always contact the data protection authority ( or the competent courts.


  1. Exercising of your rights

According to the Regulation, the standard response period is one month and in the event that the documentation/formulation of the response requires the analysis of a large volume of information and/or documents, there is a high degree of agglomeration and/or the opinion of a third party is required, the period may be extended by a maximum of 2 months.

In the event that we decide that an extension of the response period is necessary, before the expiration of the initial period, you will be informed about the extension of the period.

Additionally, please keep in mind that in the event of exercising your rights, the following situations may also exist:

  • the impossibility of identification if the data you provide us is not sufficient – ​​in such situations we may return to request additional information, and if the new information provided is not relevant, we will reply that the identification could not be achieved;
  • in certain situations, there is a possibility that we cannot grant you access to all or part of the data we process about you due to legal restrictions.


  1. Final Provisions

The provision of certain personal data, in certain situations and taking into account the purpose of the processing (for example, concluding a sales-purchase contract) is a legal obligation.

In the event that the Company decides to process personal data for a purpose other than that for which it was collected, it will provide information regarding that secondary purpose and any other relevant information as required by law before any processing.                                                                                                                                                                                    

In all the processing carried out, the Company has applied technical and organizational measures relevant and appropriate to the purposes for which it collected the data and will ensure the confidentiality of all data during the entire processing period.

The Company may periodically update this section and/or the sections relevant to each type of processing, and in this regard, we recommend that you visit periodically [∙].    



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