We extend the forest, bringing it in the middle of the ecosystem we are developing, at just 14 km from Victoriei Square– ALESONOR

Complete suburb

700 green homes & apartments

School, kindergarten & afterschool

5.3 hectares park & green areas

Playgrounds & sports fields

Supermarket, fresh market & grocery

Polyclinic & pharmacy

Restaurants & coffee shops

Office hub

Amber Forest Concept

Your home in the first complete suburb in Romania is waiting for you.

You are about to explore the most carefully planned & well-organized community, with high standard infrastructure & complete facilities.

You are about to find out how it really feels to live in one of the 700 green homes (green villas and apartments), which will benefit from a complete, high-quality infrastructure and a dedicated area for the family – school, kindergarten and afterschool, 5.3 hectares parks and green areas for recreation, sports fields, spa and gym, shopping center, fresh market and bakery, restaurants and coffee shops, polyclinic and pharmacy, co-working hub, as well as direct access to the Băneasa Forest, the largest forest around Bucharest.

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A day off, in Amber Forest

Now, that you’re here, we have a whole day ahead of us. Let’s spend it together!

7:00am – Morning, sleepy head, let’s have a run in the forest!

Your future home is located just near Bucharest’s largest forest, in Pipera – Tunari, an area that offers one of the best access to the city center due to its proximity to 4 major recently enlarged and finalized roads and highways (DN1, A3, Piperi-Tunari, Ring Road).

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A whole green life in Amber Forest

Making a smart decision today will make your kids thank you later for:

  • Growing up next to nature in a fresh air environment, in a community sharing similar values, concerned about the quality of life, the comfort of their personal home, who want to raise their children in the middle of nature, in a carefully planned suburb
  • 20 different types of Green Homes and Apartments with bioclimatic design
  • 1 km opening to Baneasa forest
  • over 75.000 trees & plants inside the suburb
  • 85% land dedicated to public parks, green areas, private gardens, playgrounds, running and biking alleys, sports fields

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Discover your future home!

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Meet your house developer


For more than 18 years as a residential developer in Romania, Alesonor has been investing in successful real estate projects, including commercial and industrial projects, but having as main objective the development of energy efficient residential projects.

Alesonor has successfully developed the following residential projects in Bucharest: Clover Residence, Magnolia Residence, Ivy Office Residence, Almond Tree Residence, Amber Gardens.

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Types of Homes

Amber Forest homes have a modern design with integrated intelligent technologies which allow significant savings on energy and maintenance costs.

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Energy efficient and built at a high-quality standards, the Amber Forest green homes and apartments are considered safe investments by the financial institutions, qualifying for the Green Mortgage especially created for residential green projects.

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Amber Forest complete community offers you the opportunity to have balanced relationships with family, friends, neighbors who share the same values ​​and with whom you can spend quality time on the social areas.

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