New Sales Areas June 2nd, 2022

Author June 02, 2022April 25th, 2023

Thank you for expressing your interest in finding out more about the first complete suburb in RomaniaAmber Forest.

Since we are gaining more and more members, we are currently opening new sales areas.

Find here the updated map of the project, where the available areas for sale are marked.

The Amber Forest community offers over 20 types of villas starting from 2 bedrooms and also over 14 types of apartments starting from 2 rooms, designed for high performance and built to the highest construction standards with quality finishes to provide a healthy lifestyle, privacy and safety to all its residents.

The teams of architects involved in the development of the sustainable community, Amber Forest, have designed villas and apartments of various sizes with different styles to meet multiple needs and preferences. 

The price for the 2-bedroom green villas available in the new sales area starts from 221,000 euros plus VAT. The price of 2-room green apartments starts at 110,000 plus VAT.

The novelty of this sales area is the inclusion in the block architecture of LOFT apartments, located on the top floor of each building.

The price for 2-room LOFT green apartments starts at 120,000 euros plus VAT.

Amber Forest is the first complete suburb in Romania and includes 500 green villas and 200 green apartments.

More than 350 Amber Forest green homes have already been sold. 

Excellent location

  • developed in the northern part of Bucharest, at the edge of the Baneasa – Tunari forest
  • at a distance of 14 km from Piața Victoriei

The only complete suburb Romania

  • developed on 31 hectares, with only 15% of the built area, with the lowest land use coefficient
  • over 5.3 hectares for parks and green spaces
  • school, kindergarten and afterschool
  • grounds and gyms, running and bicycle tracks, pool, spa and fitness room
  • Supermarket, market, bakery, restaurant, cafe
  • polyclinic, pharmacy
  • Office hub

Safe Investment

  • Amber Forest homes are accessible through the green mortgage which is specially designed by financial institutions to support the purchase of green, energy efficient villas and apartments.
  • Due to the high-quality of the project, its location in Tunari commune, an area with a sustainable real estate development, the investment has great potential, both medium and long term.
  • The developer of the project is Alesonor, a company with more than 19 years experience in the luxury residential market. A pioneer in energy efficient premium buildings, and having multi-awarded projects for both design and innovation, Alesonor became a highly-respected expert on the residential market and the most important residential villas developer in Romania.
  • Alesonor is the developer of Amber Gardens villas community, the first residential complex in Romania with green villas (energy efficient).

Include the right home for your family in your future plans! 

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