The winner of the National Architecture Biennale designs green villas within the first complete suburb in Romania – Amber Forest – June 7th, 2022

Author June 07, 2022April 25th, 2023

Alesonor, the developer of the first complete suburb, presents the concept of the Amber Forest green villas. Some of the more than 20 types of green villas with different sizes and designs, to meet multiple needs and preferences, are designed by the architecture office Studio 1408.

Designed for high performance, the villas will be built to the highest standards of construction, with quality finishes, to provide a healthy lifestyle, privacy and safety for all their residents.

Studio 1408’s team of architects has successfully implemented Amber Forest’s vision: modern design in impressive, energy-efficient buildings in harmony with nature, contributing to the mission to develop a sustainable community that integrates all facilities for a complete lifestyle within the first green suburb.

“We believe that people benefit greatly from living in a sustainable, engaged community and we have been contributing with solutions, at both the masterplan and detailed-design scales, in order to achieve that in Amber Forest. Our approach to this project was to look at sustainability not only in terms of resources and consumption, but also in social and cultural terms, including all aspects that contribute to the wellbeing of residents: density of development, access to exterior space, feelings of security, privacy, connection to community. The spaces that we move through and share – streets, gardens, bike lanes – shape the way we meet and relate to our neighbors and have the potential to enhance those relationships or test them. For all living units, whether big or small, we committed to ensure comfortable and healthy indoor and outdoor spaces, by following design practices that take into account temperature, lighting, noise pollution, ventilation and quality of air.”, said Diana Bugnariu, Studio 1408 Architect.

“Our strategy is committed to achieving outstanding standards in the development of high-quality, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible buildings, while forming communities that offer all the integrated facilities for a balanced lifestyle. Thus, we offer our clients the opportunity to have balanced relationships with family, friends and neighbors who share the same values, and with whom they can spend their free time on sports fields, in social areas or in the park, with children. Studio 1408 helped us to implement our vision both in a multitude of types of villas, adapted to all needs, but also contributing to the development of the project concept. Together we set a new standard both in the development of environmentally responsible residential buildings with an impressive design, but also in the development of complete communities, which offer a unique lifestyle in Romania.”, said Alex Skouras, Managing Partner of Alesonor.

Amber Forest suburb offers over 20 types of villas starting with 2 bedrooms and also 14 types of apartments starting with 2 rooms, in low Gf + 2F + 3R buildings responding to multiple needs and preferences, designed by the architecture offices: the team of architects of the developer Alesonor, Studio 1408, ADNBA, Bobotis + Bobotis Architects, Studio A19 and PUZ made by Prof. Dr. Arch. Tiberiu Florescu.  

Amber Forest homes are the first homes in Romania that meet the NZEB energy standard, set by the European Union since 2021, being energy efficient buildings, and at the same time quality, sustainable constructions that integrate state-of-the-art technologies.  

The price for the 2 bedroom green villas available starts at 212,000 euros plus VAT. The price of green 2-room apartments starts at 110,000 plus VAT.

The first green suburb in Romania, Amber Forest, includes over 500 green villas and 200 green apartments, developed on 31 hectares, with only 15% of the built area, with the lowest land use coefficient.

The suburb will have complete and high-quality infrastructure- 3 hectares reserved for school, kindergarten, afterschool and sport fields, 5.3 hectares for parks and green areas and also polyclinic, pharmacy, supermarket, restaurant and cafe, co-working space with conference rooms, bakery, market, running and bicycle tracks, as well as direct access to Băneasa forest, the largest forest around Bucharest.

More than 350 Amber Forest green homes have already been sold.

About Alesonor, the project developer of Amber Gardens and Amber Forest suburb

For over 19 years, Alesonor has been investing in successful real estate projects, including commercial and industrial projects, but with the main objective of developing luxury residential projects and, at the same time, environmentally responsible, combining passion for design, quality and nature.

Alesonor has successfully developed and sold the following residential projects in Bucharest: Clover Residence, Magnolia Residence, Ivy Office Residence, Almond Tree Residence, Amber Gardens.

Amber Gardens is the first residential complex in Romania with luxury green villas, which are based on the principles of bioclimatic design and apply the best energy standards in the world. The Amber Gardens complex has established the Alesonor company as the most important residential villa developer in Romania, and, at the same time, as a promoter of green, energy efficient buildings. Alesonor is made up of a team of architects, engineers, builders, project managers, financial experts, market analysts, sales, marketing and PR specialists, involved for over three years in the design of the first green suburb in Romania. 

About STUDIO 1408:

STUDIO1408 is an architecture and design practice based in Bucharest, with more than a decade of experience in the residential sector. With every design, the studio’s team aims to enhance the built environment and the experience of its users, while addressing important issues of society through responsible architecture.

The STUDIO 1408 architects are passionate about creating timeless, functional places to live, where residents develop a sense of belonging.