REALTY Forum 2021 | Alex Skouras (Alesonor): We envisioned a community, a lifestyle, and an ecosystem of families

Autor octombrie 6, 2021octombrie 20th, 2021

With COVID coming, in my view, it worked as a catalyst accelerating the trends that were already there in the market. People started experiencing their homes. They were not just waking up in the morning going to the office and then coming back late at night and sleeping and the next day the same thing, but they started living in their house. They’re living in their home 24/7 for weeks and months, and they started realizing the quality of life that they are having, as business people, as husbands, wives, parents. And what we have seen coming pre-COVID, and after, when clearly the acceleration has been huge, was the importance of community which a real estate developer is able to create, first by designing it and then by building it.


13 august 2021